Zaměstnanci o společnosti Bakker -
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Nikki, category marketer (joined the company in 2016 as a trainee):
“Being who you are”
“My job as a Category Marketer Vegetables is to assist Albert Heijn with innovation and communication. I make suggestions about new products and make sure they are produced. From the idea to the supermarket shelf. I also share knowledge and ideas for the communication about these products. What I like about Bakker is the speed with which we work. You work with nature, which means you sometimes have to act quickly. Every day is different.
The culture at Bakker is informal and approachable. You can pop into anyone’s office to discuss something, even the director’s. While you get used to this very quickly, it is rather unique. It feels like home, here you can be who you are. You need to have a sense of initiative. You won’t fit in if you don’t have a go get ‘em mentality. You get a lot of responsibility but you are free to organise your work as you want to it. This means you can really use your talent on the job. Our management listens to your ambitions and there are plenty of opportunities at Bakker, but you have to grab them. If you like speed and a hands-on approach, then Bakker is the right place for you.”
Nikki Groen Medewerker
Timea medewerker
Timea, work planner Banana ripening facility (joined the company in 2015):
“At Bakker it goes both ways"
“Work planning involves a wide range of jobs. I make sure that the right products are delivered to the customer on time, but I also help the process leader with ad-hoc jobs. The work pressure can be immense, which I like, but everyone also values the work you do. I’ve held various positions at Bakker. I need a good challenge, and growth, which Bakker offers.
Despite the fact that my Dutch isn’t perfect, they had faith in me. Something for which I’m very grateful. I’m allowed to use my creativity in what I do and every day is different. I look forward to going to work in the morning. Bakker says we also need to also have fun with each other on the job. And I’ve really noticed this here. I do my best to make sure everything is done seamlessly because I know what I get in return. At Bakker it goes both ways, which I think is really special.”
Rachid, Quality Controller (15 years with the company):
“Bakker helps you achieve your ambitions”
“As a quality controller you become the buyers’ senses. Meaning I check whether products meet our customers’ standards. When this is not the case, I take action, along with my colleagues. We need each other, and provide support to each other with our knowledge. This really creates a connection. Today I'm checking strawberries, tomorrow it may be looking at bell peppers or sugar snaps. That’s what makes my job so nice and challenging. When you get the opportunity to delve deeper into what you do, like here at Bakker, your job always becomes more interesting.
The fact that I’ve been working here for so many years says it all. This is a friendly, social company, where you can always talk to someone when you have an issue. Bakker makes sure that you can make the most of your talent, for instance by training. I’ve seen a lot of people grow. I myself started out as a foreman, but I also worked as a team leader. If you have the ambition, if you’re interested and don’t mind working hard, then you’ll end up exactly where you want to be.”
Keurmeester Rachid
Rob, Driver (joined the company in 2002):
‘Bakker is a large company that has retained its social dimension"
“As a driver, I transport fruit, vegetables and crates from Bakker or the grower to the distribution centres of Albert Heijn or Koninklijke Vezet and vice versa. I left the company for a few years but then I returned to Bakker. I‘ve always enjoyed my time here.
Rob Emons - portret
Bakker is a large company that has retained its social dimension. When you struggle in your private life, I’ve found that they’re always there to help, and come up with a solution. I don’t feel much stress here. They plan well ahead. You’re responsible for delivering your cargo in good condition and on time. In that sense, you’re your own boss.
You can ask everyone anything, and you are properly coached when you start out. The weekend work is part of the job, but the rostering is good. I know when I have my weekend shifts a year upfront, which I do like. And you can make good money working on weekends.”
Niels Streefland medewerker
Niels, work planner in Distribution (joined the company in 2015):
“Something unexpected always happens”
“I work in what we call Operations. There are four of us and we keep track of the stock in the warehouse, arrange internal transportation, plan incoming goods from other countries and offer support to the team leaders. You always work with other departments, in everything you do. That’s one of the things that makes my job so interesting. I really enjoy working with my colleagues, they’re a fun bunch, the atmosphere at work is great.
My job is very varied. You know what you’re supposed to do but something unexpected always happens. Sometimes you end up having to scour the warehouse from top to bottom to find a certain pallet. Bakker is a large company, with plenty of opportunities, including training. You really are given plenty of opportunities and I'm a good example of this. I started out as a chores man on Saturday. When something needs to be done, it’s done. I know, from first-hand experience, that this company will not let you down if you struggle in your private life. I can honestly say that I really enjoy going to work.”