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How it all started
The activities of Bakker Barendrecht in the Czech Republic began early nineties. As the Ahold company was expanding eastward, Euronova (company set up by Ahold in the Czech Republic) was developing a network of supermarkets. There was a growing need for creating a store that would conform to Ahold standards as they were introduced in other countries. On the Czech market, the trademark Česká úroda was registered as a trademark for agricultural products produced within Bakker in the Czech Republic. Bakker s.r.o. became exclusive service provider in fresh fruits and vegetables, providing daily fresh fruits and vegetables for Albert Czech Republic.

In 1997 Bakker Trans s.r.o. was established as an affiliate of Bakker Barendrecht. The company provides complete transportation services for the refrigerated freight for the DC Albert in Olomouc and transports goods and provides logistics services and support for BAKKER s.r.o. and Albert.
About us
We are proud of our customers’ success! Our strategic partnership with Albert, and our close cooperation with our growers, ensure that we can supply the very best quality, now and in the future.