Our values - greenyard.group
for a healthier future
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Values passionate
We are passionate.
We are driven and engaged, and proud of our achievements and the strength of our relationships; we are committed to every stakeholder we deal with; and just as important as anything, we enjoy what we do. Every day!
Values entrepreneurial
We are entrepreneurial.
We are hands on, pragmatic and flexible; we take the initiative and make things happen.
Values reliable
We are reliable.
We do what we say and we say what we do; we respect people and the planet;
we don’t just talk about quality and transparency, we live it.
Values creative
We are creative.
We are encouraged to think differently; we continuously challenge ourselves and those around us; and we constantly innovate to enhance our products and processes.
Values sharing
We are sharing.
We are team players; we share our know-how and experience with other people;
and by doing this, we build long-lasting relationships that work for everyone.
About us
We are proud of our customers’ success! Our strategic partnership with Albert, and our close cooperation with our growers, ensure that we can supply the very best quality, now and in the future.