Naše hodnoty -
for a healthier future
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Values passionate
We are passionate.
We are driven and engaged, and proud of our achievements and the strength of our relationships; we are committed to every stakeholder we deal with; and just as important as anything, we enjoy what we do. Every day!
Values entrepreneurial
We are entrepreneurial.
We are hands on, pragmatic and flexible; we take the initiative and make things happen.
Values reliable
We are reliable.
We do what we say and we say what we do; we respect people and the planet;
we don’t just talk about quality and transparency, we live it.
Values creative
We are creative.
We are encouraged to think differently; we continuously challenge ourselves and those around us; and we constantly innovate to enhance our products and processes.
Values sharing
We are sharing.
We are team players; we share our know-how and experience with other people;
and by doing this, we build long-lasting relationships that work for everyone.
O nás
Jsme hrdí na úspěch našich zákazníků! Naše strategické partnerství se společností Albert a naše úzká spolupráce s našimi pěstiteli zajišťují, že můžeme dodávat tu nejlepší kvalitu, nyní i v budoucnu.