Sustainability -
for a healthier future

We believe in cooperation. Every green contribution helps! Wanting to be sustainable means making constant improvements.

Sustainable trade 2
Sustainable trade
We are fair traders: we pride ourselves on the fact that our growers around the world respect human rights and provide good working conditions. That is why we value our long-term relationships with Albert and the growers.
Sustainable trade 1
Sustainable crops
Our growers excel at environmental friendliness. Our aim is to constantly reduce the amount of chemicals used on our plants and achieve a low level of pesticides in our products. We prefer local production and reliable producers.
Sustainable crops
Climate and environment
We strive to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Our fruit and vegetables are grown on a demand-driven bases and we plan our transportation smartly and efficiently using the most modern and eco-friendly vehicles. We reduce our waste as much as we can. Despite these efforts, we sometimes have to look for alternative destinations for our products in order to avoid waste. We also support the para ZOO and the Konopištĕ castle: a rescue station for bears.
Healthy products 1
Healthy products
Every day we supply delicious, healthy and top quality products that encourage people to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. We also try to make life easier for people by enabling them to make sustainable choices, taking into account the present and future of our planet. We also encourage children in schools and kindergartens to eat more healthily.
Healthy products 2
Our employees
It is obvious that we cannot achieve our goals without our people. After all, we are the sum of all the people who work for us. We offer a pleasant working environment, good working conditions and a focus on personal development. We bring out the best in each other because we enjoy what we do!
Local community
Local community
We also care about our local community. We have partnered up for local initiatives, such as health day, sports day, and so on at schools and kindergartens. Bakker sponsors fruit and vegetables these days. We also supply fruit and vegetables to the school canteen. And we sponsor sports activities, such as the speedway JAWA Divišov and, of course, support our local football players.
Greenyard Sustainability Report
Greenyard’s Sustainability Report includes an example of our community outreach efforts and shows how these can help meet challenges in the food industry.